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How to get $50 off your first visit from a referral link?
How to get $50 off your first visit from a referral link?

For new customers that have received a referral link and are looking to apply it to their first visit, follow these steps.

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The BetterVet Referral Program is a system where clients can send others a unique referral link which generates a $50 BetterVet Credit towards their next appointment.

If you've received a referral link, here's how to apply the $50 to your next appointment.

How to redeem your referral credit:

If someone has referred you to BetterVet, simply start your booking process by using their unique link.

This would either be sent to you through a text message, email, or from a social media account.

Note: If you do not use the unique referral link when booking an appointment, BetterVet cannot provide you with credit towards your first appointment.

Once you complete the entire appointment booking process, a credit will be automatically applied to your account and your first visit.

A “first visit” includes home visit, same day visit, and on-site visit. It does not include video/virtual appointments.

For any questions about the status of your referrals, please contact

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