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How do I cancel my wellness plan?
How do I cancel my wellness plan?

If you need to cancel your BetterVet wellness plan, contact us at

Updated over a week ago

To cancel your BetterVet wellness plan please email and we will get back to you within 72 hours with next steps.

From our Terms & Services page -

Cancellation by Client:

  • Family Plans are NOT cancelable by the client.

  • A client may choose to not auto-renew.

  • If a client chooses not to auto-renew, a timely notice is required to enable BetterVet to have sufficient time to process the cancellation of auto-payments:

  • Accordingly, three (3)-business days’ notice is required prior to client’s choice not to auto-renew.

  • The Client is required to provide notice via email to in order to choose to not auto-renew.

  • Costs owed by the Client upon Client non-auto-renewal of Plan Agreement:

    • The Client will be charged for the full fees as far as proportional to the services/products the Client has used to that point, plus discounted fees.

    • By way of example, if a Client has received full benefits of vaccines and labs (for example, $600), but has only paid for the first two months (for example, $200), the Client would owe BetterVet: (i) $400; plus (ii) any other discounted fees, (i.e., the full cost of services received by the Client, not just the Wellness Plan Agreement’s discounted rate).

At the time of cancellation, there will be no refunds of any type and all discounts/services associated with the Plan Agreement will be terminated immediately.

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