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How much does a BetterVet appointment cost?
How much does a BetterVet appointment cost?

BetterVet's mobile vet appointments vary by location, while our telehealth and telemedicine is a fixed rate.

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BetterVet offers a variety of veterinary services both virtual and in-home.

Telehealth appointments (when no prescription is needed) cost $49.

Telemedicine appointments (when a prescription is needed) cost $69.

The pricing of home visits and examinations vary by location.

To get a better pricing estimate of our in-home veterinary services:

  1. Click "Book an Appointment" on either the website or mobile application

    • The website will ask for your ZIP Code to determine if you are in our service area and to display accurate pricing.

  2. Choose "Book a Home Visit"

  3. Add or select your pet(s)

  4. The specific services and pricing will appear based on your location

Looking to keep pet costs predictable and affordable?

Sign up for our BetterVet Wellness Club and receive the following benefits:

  • Unlimited virtual vet visits

  • Free travel fees

  • Up to two (2) wellness or sick exams per year

  • Annual vaccines

  • Routine laboratory screenings

  • Dental cleanings

Manage your pet’s vet care from home with convenient mobile appointments and a flat monthly payment. We come to you!

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