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How do I book an in-home veterinary appointment with BetterVet?
How do I book an in-home veterinary appointment with BetterVet?

Ready to get quality vet care in the comfort of your own home? Here's how to book an appointment with BetterVet.

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Skip the car rides and sitting in traffic with a sick pet by booking an in-home veterinary appointment with BetterVet. We bring the same high-quality vet care you'll receive from a traditional vet right to your doorstep!

To book an appointment with BetterVet, follow these steps:


  1. Visit our website at

  2. Click "Book an Appointment" at the top of the screen

  3. Enter your ZIP Code to see if we service your area

    1. For existing users click "Sign in" at the top right or visit:

  4. Pick a service type: in-home appointment or a video consultation

  5. Add a pet - include their name, breed, weight, and more...

  6. Select a date and time (window) for your appointment

  7. Click "Continue"

  8. This next screen allows for adding notes or details about your pet as well as uploading any relevant documents (such as medical records)

  9. Click "Continue"

  10. Create your account by either signing up with Google, Apple, or adding in your details manually

  11. Click "Continue"

  12. Choose if you'd want to join our BetterVet Wellness Club to receive exclusive discounts and free travel fees of if you'd prefer to skip this

  13. Add a payment method

    1. Optional: If you have a promo code to use for the appointment enter it under the "EXTRA SAVINGS AND BENEFITS" section

  14. Click "Book Appointment"

Mobile App

  1. Load up the BetterVet app

    1. To download our mobile app, please choose the correct link:

  2. Sign in or create an account

  3. Add or select pet - ensure its details are as accurate as possible (name, breed, weight, etc...)

  4. On the home screen of the mobile app, click "Book Now"

  5. Choose an appointment type: either in-home appointment or video consultation

  6. Select your pet that needs the appointment

  7. Pick the specific service from the list

  8. Click "Continue"

  9. Provide specific notes or details about the pet or appointment

  10. Click "Next: Select the Date"

  11. Pick a date and the vets availability time window

  12. Click "Continue"

  13. Select your payment method or add a new credit card

  14. Click "Review Details"

  15. Double check your appointment details and information entered

  16. Click "Book Now"

πŸŽ‰ Congrats, your BetterVet appointment has been booked!

*You'll receive an email confirmation as well as updates to your appointment through email, SMS (text), and sometimes a call.

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